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What is a Smart Home?

Simply put, a smart home is a property that includes one or more connected systems, such as entertainment, lighting, heating, cooling, shutter or security. This is underpinned by a robust IT network and an easy means of control, allowing the user to securely manage their home from wherever they are.

Advanced automation is a key feature of most modern smart homes. This makes it easier for occupants by, for example, turning on the lights when someone walks into a room or turning off the thermostat when there’s nobody home in order to save energy.

Unify Automation Kuwait

Learn about our services

You can set an appointment and visit our office to sit with our smart home expert to discuss your needs where we will provide advices on the options available and brings you up to speed with “what is possible” in terms of latest technology given your requirements.


Our expert and trained supervisors can provide the necessary supervision to your project to ensure that it is according to your standard and requirements.


We can provide you with the full fledge design, procurement, and installation of the latest technologies in smart homes.


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We in Unify A.C.C. support all our valuable customers in building their dream homes or projects by an innovative user-friendly design that reflects their requirements and industry best practices. Starting from ideas, design, execution, and after care service.

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